What is Azure Database Migration Services?

Azure is a database migration tool which works as a Service Software. It makes The Migration Process easy. For Migrating your Information’s and Data in clouds from different sources; it is the simpler method. Azure Database Migration Services works as a helping hand that provides you the best solution such as Analyzing, Virtual computing, Storage, Networking, Version control, Reporting, Project & Requirements managements, automated builds, testing, Release management capabilities and much more.

Hence Azure Database Migration Services are A Powerful platform for IT Environments with resolute compliance, Data Protection and A Highly suitable Cloud Platform.

Azure Migration Process

The Azure Migration Process

The Azure Migration Process has four steps for completing its process-

  1. Assess

This is the first step to your Azure Migration Process. In this step all your Premises Apps, Data and Infrastructures will be discovered and assessed with the idea of benefit from Azure Migration Process. Evaluate applications to check their suitability and for all the necessary changes to allow them to run in the clouds.

Some important stages for Assessments-

  • Networking
  • Storage
  • Scalability

You can also use Azure tools to assess applications

  • Virtual Machine Readiness Assessment tool
  • Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) toolkit
  1. Migrate

After the process of assessing this is the second method to go forward. In migrate you have to select any one strategy from Azure Migration Strategies. (We will introduce them later in the following section). Once you choose your respective option you will able to migrate your application with identified tools and technologies.

  1. Optimize

After the process of migration it is important to monitor your application continuously and find out improvisation options.

Key Points of Optimization

  • Monitoring and Optimization
  • Checking Performance status and take and surety of Migration Goals
  • Plan your next step
  1. Secure and Manage


  • Get the security pattern of new cloud-based application.
  • Ensure security measures functions and responding to discrepancy and incidents.
  • Adapt and become familiar with Azure’s security recommendations and tool.

Recognize and Protect-

  • Recognize Cloud’s Environment, Performance, Data Services and their technical issues, gather important information.
  • Include protective measures like Backup, Encryption, Recovery and other such options to secure your data from any risk or business loss.
  • Use Azure’s multiple services and mechanism to protect your data

azure migration strategies

Azure Migration Strategies

For migrating applications there are four Azure Migration Strategies suggested by Microsoft.

  • Rehost

In Rehosting we move an application from On-Premise environment to cloud without any change.  This Azure Migration Strategy is suitable for Legacy Migration and teams with limited cloud and Azure skills. We would like to introduce its pros and con.


Faster and Easier Migration.

Smaller risk of breaking the applications.


Applications might use cloud resources less efficiently.

Becomes more difficult to scale and extend.

  • Refactor/ Repackage

In this process we move applications in cloud with some code changes. It allows you to leverage different Azure services and to help Re-architect, Refactor and Rebuild your apps.


Fast and relatively easy.

Improve your infrastructure.


Can’t make Major architectural changes.

Can’t split applications in microservices and don’t allow substantial efficiencies.

  • Rearchitect

This strategy involves revamping the codebase of the application and moving it to a cloud native architecture. It includes maximum agility, Scalability and flexibility.


Highly scalable, Resilient and Easily deployable applications.

Can leverage full power of Azure Cloud.


Complex and Expensive migration with A high risk of faults and service.

Disruption in Early Development stage.

  • Rebuild

This Strategy put aside the old application and build same functionality from scratch by using Azure Platform. Suitable for low complexity applications and few dependencies on other business processes.


Inexpensive and avoids the complexity of software licenses.

No dependency on middleware or existing infrastructure.


In custom build app you will not get the same level of functionality.

Azure cloud migration is an unified perspective for relocate your servers and web applications. It is also a cost effective manner that helps to boost your database, windows and sap. Azure DevOps services is the best cloud platform that offer Azure Cloud-hosted facilities.