Agile vs DevOps: A Detailed View

Agile and DevOps have similar goals but are two different software development methodologies. Many companies prefer using these methodologies but get confused between the two. The question that arises is Agile vs DevOps:

  • Did DevOps replace agile? 
  • Do both complements each other? 

The thing to consider is that both have differences and similarities. In this blog, we will see What exactly Agile and Devops are and their features.Agile vs DevOps

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a software development method that enables teams to build rapidly, test, and release software, incorporating greater automation and improved collaboration between development and operations teams. This helps increase the organization’s speed in delivering the services.

DevOps replaces the old approach where development teams write applications and pass them on to the operations team. With minimal visibility, the operations team deploys and manages the software. By following this methodology, the developers and the operators works side by side throughout the development process till deployment.

To understand DevOps, the two main common frameworks are: 

#1. Three Ways

#2. CALMS (Culture, Automation, Lean, Measurement, and Sharing)

  1. Culture means a cultural shift where development and action work more coherently.
  2. Automation enhances speed and ensures higher quality.
  3. Experimental thinking is based on the lean principles of continuous improvement and acceptance of failure. 
  4. The measure means measuring results to enhance processes. 
  5. Sharing means adopting best practices.

DevOps Scope

DevOps represents the intersection of development, operation, and quality assurance. Interdisciplinary teams unite and collaborate on software development and delivery.

  • DevOps manifestations
  • Continuous integration, delivery, and deployment

Top Features from DevOps

#1. Broader scope, wider reach

#2. Inter-department Collaboration

#3. Efficiency from Automation

What is Agile?

The agile methodology involves an iterative approach to project management, software development, and testing in the SDLC process. This method focuses on collaboration, customer feedback, and faster release.

It emerged in the early 2000s to help development teams respond and adapt to changing market conditions and customer demands.

With an agile approach, a few parts of planning and design are done in advance. This methodology divides the process into pieces and integrates the steps for final testing. Changes are constantly made, and the product version is often published faster than products developed according to the waterfall methodology.

Agile Scope

Agile development is specific to the development team, productivity, and progress in completing the current project. The development will be completed gradually, and each version of the software will be delivered, deployed, or maintained by different teams.

  • Agile manifestations
  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • Lean development
  • DSDM
  • Extreme programming
  • Crystal
  • Feature-driven development

Top Features from Agile

#1. Workflow Productivity Tools

#2. Incremental Progress

#3. Needs of the Customer

Conclusion… Agile vs DevOps

The ultimate goal of Agile and DevOps is to enhance the speed and quality of software development. With this blog, it’s clear that both Agile and DevOps aim to deliver end-user value more efficiently but from different angles.

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